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She Loves You (So The Beatles Assured Me)

Picture this: you're a child of three or four, walking along a pavement; your parents are either side of you, each holding one of your hands firmly; suddenly your father says "One, two, three, uuup", and you're lifted off your feet for a couple of seconds, accompanied by parental cries of "Whee!"  You are then gently deposited back on the ground, feeling exhilarated and eager to repeat the 'flight'.  "Again, again!" you shout.

Remember those moments?

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Some Real Autobiography At Last (The 'Flip-Book' series, No.12)

Back on number 006 of this flip-book, I wondered about the sequence of events in my life that had led me from small-town, small-time, smallest-bedroom obscurity to this penthouse apartment in Stockholm; how had LOSER reached CHAMP?
Now, as I move to the kitchen to prepare breakfast, it's time to revisit the theme.  Look at that astonishing view of the city skyline; how on earth did I get to see this?

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