Cromford's Assortment 0013

On This Day (18th June) ~~ Two CSN demos: 'Helplessly Hoping' & 'Marrakesh Express' ~~ I'm In A Ditty, Get Me Out Of Here: 'Calvary Song' (1) ~~ Bob Newhart (not the Driving Instructor sketch) ~~ IIAD,GMOOH: 'Calvary Song' (2) ~~ Quaintness and Bluster (two versions of 'I Wake Up Crying') ~~ Retouch The Sun: my arrangement of 'I Wake Up Crying' ~~ IIAD,GMOOH: 'Calvary Song' (3).


I'm at capacity for uploading audio directly to this website right now, so, go here to listen to the latest programme of Cromford's Assortment (0013)

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