This Cloth, This Colour, This Cut

If you could compare yourself to garments, what would they be? 

Some might see themselves as a pale-grey morning-suit, glimmering and hopeful; others might relate more to noisy and sporty tweeds. Some may feel an affinity with an elegant sundress; others may go for a t-shirt-and-leggings combination. My own preference would be a soberly dark three-piece suit, with a subtle pinstripe...and a buttonhole for a mischievous squirty flower. 

One thing we would all have in common though, is that we could never be made to measure: there's nothing bespoke about human beings. We're all off-the-peg as it were, the products of our experiences and circumstances; these are the factors that determine the cloth from which we're cut, and the colour we present to the world. 

All of which brings me to the title of this collection of writings. These are the musings of a particular suit, of a particular cloth, dyed and cut its own particular way. I hope you enjoy at least some of the following articles, and maybe at times you'll find that your own garments were made by the same tailor as mine... or possibly by one of the same family.

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