That's Stretching It A Bit (The 'Flip-Book' Series, No. 2)

This is quite possibly the best feeling in the whole world.
It's huge, insistent, and irresistible.  It consumes most of my attention and colours whatever notions might be passing through my mind (being a bit of a synaesthete, I can…


We Are Alarmed (The ‘Flip-Book’ series, No. 1) 


Or, as it might be, BEEEEP.   BEEEEP.   BEEEEP. 

Or possibly, "...was conducting the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, on their 2000 recording of 'Pavane Pour Une Infante Défunte' by Maurice Ravel. And to take us up to the


'Doing His Music'? -- I'm Doing My Nut

See if the following snatch of dialogue rings any bells with you. 

Well-meaning acquaintance: "And how's So-and-so? Is he still doing his music?" 

Polite partner of musician: "Oh yes, he'll always be working on that." 

Doing his…


This Cloth, This Colour, This Cut

If you could compare yourself to garments, what would they be? 

Some might see themselves as a pale-grey morning-suit, glimmering and hopeful; others might relate more to noisy and sporty tweeds. Some may feel an affinity with an elegant…